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Above Ground Pool Reviews: Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex – One of the Safest Investments to Make

When looking for an above-ground pool you should know that Intex are currently one of the best brands to invest in. This company made a name for itself by providing the most reliable, well-built pools and pool parts on the market. The Intex Family Size Round Metal Frame Pool Set is no different. It is a cheap investment that provides amazing value for money and that also brings joy to your family and friends during those hot summer days. This particular pool is very generous in terms of space, it is easy to assemble and it comes with all the right parts already integrated within the price.

This Intex 12×30 metal frame pool is incredibly durable. Because it comes with the Intex badge, it provides stability and high safety levels. It is ready to be used in as little as 30 minutes and it can accommodate your entire family. It looks nice, it costs less than most of its competitors and it can fit in medium sized backyards with ease.

Main Features of The 12×30 Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

Rust-resistant, galvanized Steel Frames are strong and durable for years of backyard fun;
Rust-resistant, steel frames are strong and durable for years of backyard fun;
SUPER-TOUGH laminated sidewalls are triple strong – 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability;
Convenient drain plug connects to garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area;
Set-up and maintenance DVD included;
Easy to assemble – Ready for water in 30 minutes;
Approximate Set-up Size: 12 ft. x 30 in (366cm x 76cm);
Water Capacity (90%): 1,718 Gal (6,503 L);
What’s So Special? – Getting Exactly What You Paid For

This Intex metal frame pool is a lot of pool for this little money. This is probably the thing that makes it so special. The exterior is pretty nicely designed too. Besides the look, the Intex family size pool set is also one of the most durable products of its kind. It comes with strong exterior pipes that properly hold the tough blue vinyl. Honesty is another strongpoint with all Intex products.

Not many know that manufacturers usually measure the bottom of the above-ground pool, which ends up being a few feet shorter than advertised. This is not the case with the Intex pool. You get exactly what you buy. I actually measured the 12 feet across the top and I am very happy to say that it was just a few inches shorter. That is pretty awesome!

Exceeding Expectations

This metal frame pool is a low cost product that provides a lot more than expected. The fact that it will outlast most of its more expensive competitors says a lot. It looks and feels just as advertised and it provides a lot of fun for your entire family. It is spacious for a $200 price range product and it comes with no major issues. It looks nice and it is easy to set up.

Details worth Looking Out For

The ladder is a bit flimsy, but other than that all is good. Make sure that after you unbox the Intex metal frame pool you check out all the parts. Some customers complained about the fact that this above ground pool had one or two leeks, but I guess that depends on the delivery and several other factors that are not directly related to Intex. Other customers had problems with the pumps that may wear out a bit quicker than expected.

Easy Assembly

Intex 12x30 Metal Frame PoolThis Intex above ground pool is easy to put together. The only problem is that you need a perfectly flat surface otherwise things could go down-hill. I recommend using an additional reinforcement structure, besides the ground cloth provided by Intex. The setting up process should take around 30 minutes which makes it the perfect pool for impromptu parties or quick relaxation sessions.

Personal Experience – Great for the Kids

I used this Intex swimming pool a while back. It is a bit small for my taste, but my kids loved it. They said it was the best pool we ever had. They liked the fact that even if it is made of plastic-like material, it feels safe and sturdy. We had it around for a long time now and it still looks great. The only thing we had to change was the pump that simply died after a few months.

I strongly recommend using something like a Gorilla Pad in addition to the ground pad provided by Intex. This way you will make sure things are running smooth. An uneven terrain can ruin even a product as durable as this metal frame pool.

Perfect for a Family Weekend

This Intex metal frame pool is exactly the product suggested by the name Intex provided. It is a family pool that is just big enough to fit three or four kids and two adults. I don’t recommend it if you plan on throwing a party for more than 3 adults. It is not big enough.

Excellent Investment

This Intex pool set is a great investment to make. It looks nice, it is easy to set up and it provides loads of fun without costing all that much. According to testimonials, this pool will stay in the family for quite some time if you take good care of it. If you spread the investment across three or four years, you will get how good this pool is in terms of value for money.


This Intex metal frame pool is one of the best choices a family could make. It is easy to set up and it can be done by only one person. It has a nice feel to it and it is considered very affordable.
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